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primobolan for women

Has detoxification (including in relation to the products of ethyl alcohol metabolism, heavy metals and their compounds, arsenical compounds) action. In clinical studies have shown hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties of dimercaprol.
The active sulfhydryl groups dimercaprol interact with thiol poisons and products of metabolism of alcohol (ethanol) that primobolan for women are in the blood and tissues, form a non-toxic compound with them (complexes) that are excreted in the urine. When you receive the drug orally active agent dimercaprol with portal blood enters the liver, where it rapidly and irreversibly binds to acetaldehyde, which causes the subsequent removal of ethyl alcohol from other organs and tissues. Dimercaprol also activates acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, increasing ethanol oxidation and detoxification of toxic products of its enzymatic system of the liver. The presence of calcium pantothenate in the composition of the drug enhances the detoxification effect of dimercaprol. Pantothenic acid is involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, stimulates the formation of corticosteroids accelerates regeneration.

Following oral administration of a capsule containing 250 mg of sodium 2,3-dimerkaptopropansulfonata maximum concentration in the blood is reached after 1.5 hours or is between 90-140 mg / liter. The average residence time of the drug in the body 9-11 h (10,16 ± 0,39 h), including: in the gastrointestinal tract – 15-20 minutes. The half-life (T1 / 2) was 7,5 ± 0.46 h. Calcium pantothenate is well primobolan for women absorbed in the gut and is cleaved, releasing the pantothenic acid. About 60% of the drug is excreted in the urine, partly with feces.


  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (for the prevention and treatment of a hangover);
  • alcoholism (in the complex therapy);
  • acute and chronic poisoning with organic and inorganic arsenic compounds, mercury, gold, chromium, cadmium, cobalt, copper, zinc, nickel, bismuth, antimony, cardiac glycoside intoxication.


  • Hypersensitivity to the drug, severe decompensated liver disease and kidney;
  • Children up to age 18 years.

Be wary of low blood pressure.

Pregnancy and lactation
Data on the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not. Due to the lack of necessary information, the use during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated.

Dosing and Administration
Inside. Swallow capsules 30 minutes before a meal, not liquid, squeezed water. To prevent a hangover – after drinking 1 capsule (250 mg + 10 mg) in the evening before bedtime.

For the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome: 1 capsule (250 mg + 10 mg) 1-2 times a day (doses given in primobolan for women terms of dimercaprol, and calcium pantothenate). If necessary, the daily dose can be increased to 750 mg (for dimercaprol) and dosing frequency should be adjusted to 3 times a day.

The drug should be taken 3-7 days before the termination of the symptoms of intoxication. In alcoholism: 1 capsule (150 mg ± 7 mg) 1-2 times a day for 10 days (doses given in terms of dimercaprol, and calcium pantothenate). When poisoning arsenic compounds and heavy metal salts 300-1000 mg (as sodium dimerkaptopropaisulfonatu) per day for 2-3 hours, for 7-10 days.

Side effects:
Rare: allergic reactions (pruritus, urticaria, rash on the skin and mucous membranes, mucosal edema, genital itching, stomatitis).

Very rare: allergic reactions by type of angioedema or Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a sudden increase in body temperature, malaise, spotty-vesicular or bullous rash on skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals, anus). In this case, you should stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

The risk of allergic reactions is higher in people with asthma or allergies in history. When used in high doses: nausea, dizziness, tachycardia, paleness of skin.

Manifestations of overdose can occur if the recommended dose is exceeded more than 10 times.

The symptoms: shortness of breath, hyperkinesis, confusion, lethargy, stupor, intermittent convulsions.

Treatment: gastric lavage, administration of activated charcoal, laxatives, symptomatic therapy, in severe cases, oxygen therapy, administration of dextrose.

Interaction with other medicinal products
incompatible with pharmaceutical preparations containing salts of heavy metals, as well as with alkalis (quickly decomposes).

Cautions Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms: the drug does not affect the performance of potentially hazardous activities that require attention and quick, reactions (driving and other vehicles, work with moving machinery, the work manager and operator, etc. )..

Form Release
Capsules 150 mg ± 7 mg, or 250 mg ± 10 mg.
At 2, 5 capsules (250 mg + 10 mg) or 10 capsules (150 mg ± 7 mg) in blisters of PVC film and aluminum foil printed patent. 1 contour cell pack of 10 capsules (150 mg ± 7 mg), 1 contour cell package 2 capsules (250 mg + 10 mg) or two blisters 5 capsules (250 mg + 10 mg), together with instructions for use placed a stack of cardboard.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life
2 years. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies
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